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blithespirit: (jimmy)

blithespirit's Journal

living melbourne, loving the whole world

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Created on 2009-04-20 20:37:44 (#104600), last updated 2013-02-27 (242 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jun 17
Location:Melbourne, (states/regions/territories), Australia

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affogato, amsterdam, androgyny, baldurs gate 2, bathing, being lucy, being spoiled, bing crosby christmas carols, bladerunner, blood orange gelati, bloody steak, body art, brunch, cameron crowe, candlelight, champagne, chez blithe, christmas trees, cinema, cinnamon, cinque, cocktails, coffee, corsetry, cravats, cutting wit, dashing gents, decadence, diamond age, dominatrices, dorothy parker, doyennes, dreams, dressing up, ethics, fantasies, film nerd boys, firefly, flirting, foucault, freelancing, friends, frivolity, gamer play dates, geeks, gelatomassimo, good conversation, half-life 2, hawaii, heated debate, heist movies, hello kitty, high society the movie, high tea, holding court, holding hands, hotel sheets, hourglass figures, intelligence, intrepid girl reporters, irigaray, japanese plum wine, journalism, kelvin bar, king street newtown, kristeva, laughing, living alone, lois lane, love letters, lust, manners, melbourne, memories, memory, men in leather, men in tailored suits, men's hands, miff, milos forman, my soapbox, neal stephenson, nerds, new york city, northcote, oh noes, orlando, oscar wilde, pinstripe suits, reading, regency bucks, regret, rituals, room service breakfast, sailors, sashimi, scar tissue, secret crushes, shaven-headed men, skin, skinny goth boys, social justice, sweet things, sydney, the last unicorn, the net, the windsor hotel, theatre, touch, travelling, waterhouse, wired, world of warcraft, writing, you yes you, , ♪♪♪
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