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 Just got home from seeing Fanboys. It was opening night here in Melbourne, I was hoping for a full house and a few people in costume. There were quite a few stormtroopers (fortunately, or maybe by design they *were* all a little short) and a Boba Fett, and a (presumably Ewan McGregor) Obi Wan. I have a feeling they were there at the invitation of the cinema (or paid by them) rather than punters who'd come to see the movie, but it was still cool.

One of the Stormtroopers got up to the (presumably) introduce the movie, but the microphone wasn't working and he gave up. But not before I yelled "Why aren't you at your post". I kill me.

Movie was fun. I laughed a lot. There was some young man grossout humour but I felt firmly in the "made for fans, not for normal people to laugh at fans" territory. Which was nice. I hate "let's laugh at the wierd folk" humour. (hello that scene in Wedding Singer, omg where did that come from in such an otherwise sweet movie). Galaxy Quest is awesome because it doesn't go for cheap gags about laughing at fans, it had real heart, and I got that from Fanboys too, but they're different because Fanboys felt like it was made by fans. Galaxy Quest felt made by movie folk, if that makes sense. 

Anyway, all this was just to leadup to the realisation I had that it is largely about tribes and having something in common (in this case, having loved Star Wars growing up). But where sci fi fans/geeks whatever are so far superior to other tribes (like sport) is that sci fi fans in particular have become active fans. Written stuff, made movies. Some stuff derivative, some stuff horrible and slashy. But at least they were creating stuff. 

One of the things I hate about sport is that there's such a huge culture of .... passive, dumb watching. The only sport I used to watch regularly was a sport I loved to play. I can't understand why you'd want to watch a sport you didn't play. One of the things that I really dislike that there are so many male dominated sports with huge slathering female fan bases. WHY do you put your time and energy into watching boys play a sport you're not allowed to play? It's horrible and I ... don't... get.... it. I don't understand non-participation cultures. I especially loathe the "male actor, female cheersquad" dynamic. 

So, for [personal profile] dalmeny , and the rest of you who I know I tease a lot. I throw my lot in with you. Even though I (hypocritically, given my above statement)  just consume all this sci fi and geeky culture. I do believe that to be "in fandom" you are a creator, so I'm not really that kind of fan, or that level of fan. But I throw my lot in with you. You are awesome. My people. 



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